Year End Message

President Year End Message:

Hello all Gordon Greenwood families!  I just wanted to thank you for all of your support over this past school year.  We had a very successful year fundraising for our school.  The events over this past year were fun for everyone, including the PAC executive and volunteers.

I really want to thank everyone who volunteered their time in the PAC executive positions.  There are a few PAC executive members that are retiring from their positions this year and we are really grateful to all of the time they have volunteered over the past many years.

Vice President: Marla Clark – thank you all of your support and hard work.  You have been a joy to work with and we will miss you lots!

Secretary: Ally Parker – thank you for your dedication to being secretary for the past 7 years.  We really appreciate your commitment.

DPAC Rep: Wiebke Szalay – thank you for representing our school so perfectly for the past many years! We know that you have been a great spokesperson for us and we appreciate your time that you have committed to attending two meetings each month for us.

Hot Lunch coordinators: Janine Chow and Paula Smith – thank you for running such a great and helpful program for us and our kids.  The students love hot lunch days as much as the parents.  We appreciate you dedicating many days each month to shopping, organizing, cleaning the kitchen, preparing food, talking to parents and volunteers, working with restaurants and more.  This is not an easy job and we appreciate you and the job you do!

Treasurer: Kim Gill – thank you for remaining in this challenging position for another term.  You are great at your job and we love the reassurance we have in having you take care of all the funds we raise for this school.  We know that this is a big job with lots of responsibility and we know you work hard for us.  We will be sad to lose you after this upcoming school year.

Fundraising Coordinator: Christy Martin – thank you for all of your hard work.  We appreciate your willingness to work hard at all of the events and your support during the year.  The fundraisers are a lot of work and we couldn’t do what we do without you.

Communications: Leah Thomson – thank you for getting our message out to everyone!  You are the key to making these fundraising events work.  Thank you for allowing me to message you all hours, every  day of the week, to send emails out to families.  You make our jobs on the executive just that much easier.

I have been on the PAC executive for the past 8 years as Fundraising Coordinator and President.  I have really enjoyed my time in these positions.  I will not be returning in an executive position next year.  It is time for other parents to take part on the executive and hopefully get as much out of it as I have.  I just wanted to thank all of the families at GGE for your ongoing support in helping me achieve many fundraising goals that we have had over the past years.  We have been able to provide the school with significant financial support because of all of you.

I want to welcome the new PAC executive members for 2017/18:

  • President: Christine Campbell
  • Vice President: Rebecca Budrow
  • Secretary: Lynette Patten
  • Treasurer: Kim Gill
  • DPAC: Brian Martens
  • Hot Lunch Coordinators: Janine Chow and Paula Smith
  • Fundraising Coordinator: Christy Martin

I hope everyone has a great summer and we are looking forward to a new school year in September.

-Stacey Shepherd


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