Reindeer Lane

Hello parents,

We would like your help!

As, hopefully, you all know by now, we are holding a big fundraiser for our school.

This Thursday we are having our first Reindeer Lane Gift Shop. All items that have been donated are priced at two dollars ($2) and every child in the school will have an opportunity to purchase gifts for their family member(s).

We would just really appreciate if you could forward this email on to your class parent and ask them to kindly send it out to the parents of their respective classes.

It might seem like we are sending out a lot of reminders – we are. It would be really sad if 75% of the children in each class show up and get to shop for their families and 25% don’t because maybe someone didn’t get them $2. Yes, it’s a fundraiser, but we’d also like for it to be a fun event for the kids and bring some extra laughter to your homes over the holidays.

We very much appreciate your help in making this the best event it can be.

On behalf of GGE PAC, thank you,


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