Attention Grade 7 Parents

Attention Grade 7 Parents:

We have two opportunities for the grade 7’s that we will require a response from if you would like to participate.


At our PAC Meetings, we offer free babysitting for any parents that would like to attend.  We do however pay the grade 7 student who is doing the babysitting for that meeting.  If your child is interested in participating, please email Marla at for further information.

 Grade 7 Hot Lunch

There is an opportunity for the grade 7’s to run a hot lunch program to help raise funds for their year activities.  In order to do this, you will need to have one person be the coordinator and have possibly a second to help run it.  If you are interested in being the coordinator, please email Marla and she can help you set up the program.  If you are only able to help, not coordinate, please do not reply.  Once someone has expressed interest in running the fundraiser, they will then put out requests for any help.

Please email Marla at for any further info.


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